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This page contains previously published examples of Simon's writing.
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  • Absurdly Successful: An article celebrating the 40th anniversary of Alan Ayckbourn's Absurd Person Singular.
  • Arranging The Chorus: An article about the creation of Alan Ayckbourn's A Chorus of Disapproval for the 2012 West End revival.
  • Ayckbourn & Pinter: An article about Alan Ayckbourn and Harold Pinter's first encounter in Pinter's second production of The Birthday Party.
  • A Brief(er) History Of Women: An article about the role of women in Alan Ayckbourn's plays.
  • David Campton: An article about the life and career of the playwright David Campton
  • It Was Forty Years Ago Today…: An article celebrating the 40th anniversary of the West End debut of Alan Ayckbourn's Relatively Speaking.
  • All You Need…: An article exploring the themes of Alan Ayckbourn's supernatural plays Snake In The Grass and Haunting Julia.
  • The Woman In Black - 25 Years On: An article celebrating the 25th anniversary of the stage adaptation of The Woman In Black.
  • Woman In Mind: An article exploring the history of Alan Ayckbourn's Woman In Mind.
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